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The ultimate party trivia! Our classic game comes with 8 rounds of trivia and team activity challenges.  We'll cover a diverse range of topics like pop culture, sports, history, food/drink, science and more. Our team activity rounds will get your party people up and moving! From water balloon tosses to mini basketball - we come with the good stuff! The classic trivia game lasts about 2 hours.

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Want more trivia? Less? Extra activity round? Want a special round dedicated to your company? Maybe it's Bill's 30th and you want a round all about him! We'll work with you to design the game everyone will talk about for years! We can add rounds, create special ones, take out ones you don't want...anything you'd like, we'll make happen!

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party prices

Let's party! Our prices are based off how many party peeps are attending your shindig. We've got affordable pricing and can work with you to make sure you get all the bang for your buck!

Reach out and we can talk deets!

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